Scorpio Zodiac Personality Traits

Scorpio Traits and Personality

Scorpio Zodiac Personality Traits

What people think is none of their business. They are passionate, impulsive, independent and daring people those who don’t give a damn and do whatever they want to. They will not take their steps back whether they are debated or contradicted upon. They are straightforward genuine people and hate lies.

These traits make Scorpions intimidating and those who don’t know them well make a wrong perception about them. But people need to change their mindset as they are emotional and sometimes they overflow.  

They are actually fighting a battle inside which cannot be judged by anyone as everyone has their own story. Their thoughts and feelings are something that is the power bank, but many times it is conflicted which is uncontrollable. This is the reason why they are called prickly character and people surpass them.

Once you cross those boundaries and try to know a real Scorpion you will find a passionate and loyal person. He is enthusiastic, loyal and dedicated in every way that can be positive or negative. He can be your worst enemy if thwarted.  

You may perceive a Scorpio as a reserved and shy person at the beginning. He may be cautious at first but once he is comfy and finds the right partner, he will try his best. If you don’t fit in their list then you are out of it right away. They keep their partner at the edge; this is the biggest problem with them as they play mind games here also. If you get into the door you will be blessed with a great connection.

He is honest than other signs and will love you intensely and fight to the extreme just for you. He will stay awake all night long only for you. If you want to open up and talk to him he is the one who will sit beside you. He is the generous and imaginative person who will get you engaged.

Pluto is the ruling planet which brings changes and regeneration capability in this zodiac and furthermore adds the leadership qualities to it. Scorpios are known for their quiet and cool conduct also by their strange appearance. People say that Scorpio-conceived is furious and belongs to the category who understands the standards of the universe.

Some Scorpions can look older from their age. They are fantastic pioneers since they are highly devoted to what they do. Scorpios are desirous and suspicious, so they have to figure out how to adjust among social humans. Once they overcome in this matter they have a ton of companions.

A Scorpion is incredible. Let’s check what their name says about them

S for sexy

C for cerebral

O for opportunist

R for reliable

P for passionate

I for intellectual

O for outstanding

Quick factsScorpio Zodiac Characteristics
Element Water
Ruling PlanetPluto and Mars
Lucky Number8, 11, 18, 22
Represented byThe Scorpion
Ruling HouseEighth
Spirit ColorScarlett, Red, Rust
Lucky dayTuesday
Lucky GemTopaz and Opal
Compatible withTaurus and Cancer
Positive traitsSeductive, Passionate, Independent, Sacrificing, Determined, Perceptive
Negative TraitsMalicious, Paranoid, Destructive, Envious, Clingy, Posessive