Scorpio Woman in Love

Scorpio Woman in Love

Dating And Loving Scorpio Woman

Scorpio bags the Eighth house in all the zodiacs which are all about death, sex and regeneration of life cycle. A female Scorpion is spooky and mystical; she is the Queen of her world that isn’t shy and is extremely expressive about self. It won’t be wrong to call her the wittiest of all.

This sign is generally in the blacklist of the astrologers which is characterized by dark and downright evil. Being a Pluto ruled, these ladies are not typical at all and are more drawn towards a modern western culture that is diverted towards intimacy.

Her personality is magnetic and her magical aura is enough to attract any men. She wears a sensuous smile and her dressing sense says all about her.  Surface level attractions are not something she would get along easily. When she is convinced that a person is deeply falling for her she would give attention only to folks.  She is an exceptionally keen observer, like a Scorpion bug pin she keeps an eye on you and tries to understand you deeply.

A Scorpion lady is intense with emotions and sentiments; she is most sensitive of all which is seen in her expressions. This water ruled sign is in-depth with her feelings and is quite parallel to the underground pure water.  As you cannot see the currents of this water flowing similarly her thoughts are deep inside and you cannot examine them easily.

She is a hidden box which is tightly closed and does not want to get revealed about her life. She maintains secrecy and is most determined of all.

Scorpio Woman Love and Sexuality

If you want to learn what the true meaning of sexuality is, then you should learn from this lady. She is the sex goddess who enjoys every bit of intimacy with her partner. She is powerful and expressive even in bed. Sex is an essential thing for them and their sexual connection is something which lets them make a deep connection with their partner.

But this should not be taken in another way as they do not casually sleep around or have sex. Until they found their right match and are determined then only she is ready to take off her clothes.  A relationship without sex won’t work well with them as they tend to consume more energy in romance. She is a one man woman who never betrays her partner and expects the same from them.

These women are highly possessive and jealous streaks which are often misunderstood. Her jealousy is not because of insecurity as she is an independent lady. But it is when she has fallen for you, she doesn’t want you to walk off.  She will give her best to be with you and keep you engaged with her.

When she is hurt or had a bad past relationship she will not fall for you easily. If you are the reason for her wound she won’t spare you as well. As she believes in giving it back. She is the one who holds grudges for a long time so better don’t mess with them.