Scorpio Baby Names Based On Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Baby Names Based On Zodiac Sign

Thinking about your baby is out of the world feeling and when only a few days are left then you are on cloud nine. If you are expecting between October 23rd and November 21st your child is a Scorpion. They are represented by water content and possess similar traits like Cancer and Pisces. They are emotional, sensitive and people with big hearts. However, they are often perceived as aloof at first but when you get to know them closely they adore and care for people.

They are determined characters and is famous for their assertive and passionate nature. They are blessed with leadership qualities and become one successfully. They’re on the go and steadfast nature helps them to combat any adverse situation. They are sensitive and get flown easily with emotions. This sensitivity can be described as warm and constructive which acts as a shield.

This star sign represents ages between 49 and 56 which is basically the realization of personal and professional achievements. By this age, they have gained name, fame, and status in the society.

It is hard to adjust with these people. Only those who are open-minded and accustomed to alteration gels easily with a Scorpion. You need to live up to the expectations of a Scorpion to enter their heart. They are secretive and introvert in nature thus won’t open their cards easily. It’s tricky to know them, whenever you will feel who have understood them you will be left with a question mark ahead. They are people who love transparency and honesty. If they smell foul they dig to the core to know what the matter.

A Scorpio baby is pleasant and mystifying. He is playful and mysterious at the same time. They are in search of a loyal and devoted friend who is always there beside them. Pluto is the lord planet of your baby which signifies ever evolving spirituality, energy and life transformations. They love to live meaningful lives and you won’t see your child daydreaming or making unnecessary imaginative plans. In fact, they will stick to their grounds.

So, we have assorted few apt names for your loving, caring, truthful and mysterious child. Let’s get a look:

Scorpio Girl NamesMeaningScorpio Boy NamesMeaning
Andrea CourageousAranEagle, ruler
ArminaNoble CaseyBrave
EricaHonorable rulerHarveyArmy warrior
HeatherA plant of ScorpioJude One who is praised
AthenaGoddess of wisdom and warNicoVictorious
KaliDark goddessSloan Warrior
Leila Dark beautyTiger Powerful cat
MarcellaYoung warriorVincent Victorious
Tyra Goddess of battleWalter Army general

Some famous Scorpio celebrities are Pablo Picasso, Tyga, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Drake, Ciara, Anna Hathway, Kris Jenner, PewDiePie, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Lorde, Willow Smith, Caitlyn Jenner etc.

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