Scorpio Zodiac Strengths and Weakness

Scorpio Zodiac Strengths and Weakness

They are self-centered and love to give time to themselves. For them, they stand in first place and if they could not take out time for self they may become irritated and annoying. They are independent people amongst other signs. Most of them are mysterious too and loves to keep secrets and emotions locked. Being an independent native they get matured quickly before time and become determined as they grow.

They love challenging and explore new things. Being fearless their reputation is quite strong which is bold and inspirational. They are generally looked upon for leadership positions due to their courage and bravery.

They can keep secrets but are always keen in unboxing covered truths of other humans. They may be convincing and controlling to the people those who don’t understand them. Their personalities are dual in nature and can be confusing sometimes. A Scorpio can be independent and clingy or aloof and passionate.

Strengths of a Scorpion

Mostly misunderstood this zodiac is perceived cold and unapproachable but the case is entirely different they are intimidating people. Their feelings are hidden firstly but later you find a compassionate person. They are great for controlling self and others that give the feeling of security.

They are private when it comes to their feelings and past but when it’s about others their institutions are strong and mostly correct. Hence you may say that they are fast and efficient in the respective field.

They are strong-willed and never let themselves to get hurt. It is because they don’t show their feelings. They protect their friends with great advice and match up with their minds. They are trustworthy and are valued in their circle.

Their emotions drive them which is shown with great intensity due to which they are misinterpreted as angry people. This makes them dedicated souls in their personal and professional work. They are competitive although they hide this from everyone.

The weakness of a Scorpion

Their controlling and dominating nature sometimes convert in jealous and manipulation. They are possessive too. Sometimes their intentions are good but their perception may sometimes be wrong which make them suspicious. They are a dreamer and assume everything preterm that lashes out at each bad moment. This can be self-destructive as well. Being a secret keeper sometimes you may say that they are untrustworthy in few cases.

They never forget betrayal and their strong will of vengeance is at par. Past grudges will stay in their heart for a long time and they can react aggressively when it’s about their living.

In summary

Positives of a Scorpio: Fervent, Driven, Perceptive, Poignant, Sacrificing, Determined and protective.

Negatives of a Scorpio: Malicious, Paranoid, Destructive, Envious, Clingy, Posessive.